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Meet Leanne Stanley Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Leanne, a compassionate Psychodynamic Counsellor, specialises in client-led therapy, placing you at the heart of the process. Her approach involves exploring your past experiences, thoughts, and behaviours, understanding their origins, and creating a roadmap towards the person you aspire to be and a brighter future.


In her practice, Leanne fosters a safe, confidential space for you to delve into present circumstances, make connections, and move forward with clarity. She believes in building a trusting therapeutic relationship, ensuring your journey is validated, and you feel at the centre of your growth.


Leanne offers support in various areas, employing psychodynamic techniques that focus on attachment figures, present experiences, and subconscious exploration. This approach allows you to understand your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours, empowering you to reshape your self-perception and pave the way for a more fulfilling life.


With experience in the NHS Staff Wellbeing Service and an addiction recovery charity in Staffordshire, Leanne has assisted individuals dealing with anxiety, grief, trauma, addiction, relationship challenges (including narcissistic dynamics), work-life balance, and more.


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