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Have you had a Reiki Treatment? Would you like to learn how do Practice Reiki?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Reiki 1 workshop introductory price £135.00

Includes Attunement & manual followed by a practice.

Limited places available.

This monthly workshop consists of 2 parts and the next workshop is on

20th March 10- 12.30pm followed up with a session to share your practice.

Reiki can have profound effects on your physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing

Reveal your healing abilities with the guidance of an experienced Reiki teacher.

Feeling guided towards self-love? This workshop introduces you to the power of Reiki. A health and wellness practice that aids you in relaxation and brings balance into your life.

When our life force energy becomes low or blocked in some way, positive changes in our daily attitude and working towards activating the natural healing process of restoring physical and emotional well-being can be key.

The core process is an attunement which is essential to be able to practice each healing system.The attunements will assist you to hold and process a greater degree of light which is important in these fast-changing times.

Contact The Marjorie Centre on 01889 567999 or Barbara direct on 07805555854 for further details or via the website


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