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Meet Lou our new Massage Therapist

Updated: Feb 7

Lou's background is 15 year's experience in healthcare 9 years NHS in a clinic role but always had a passion for holistic health & natural healing, since the Covid pandemic chose to retrain and now a qualified holistic therapist & Reflexologist & never happier and she feels that this is her true calling. Lou is excited to join the our team at the Marjorie centre.

Lou will be offering treatments from Hot Stone Massage, Holistic back, neck and shoulder massage, Cupping therapy ( ideal for a deeper massage for sports injuries and other general aches and pains. She also does Crystal healing, chakra balancing and some reiki.

Lou will be starting with us in March starting with a Monday afternoon/evening but other times will be available as she is needed.

Lou's first appointments will be available from 1pm til 7pm on Monday 6th March and 9am til 1pm on Tuesday 14th March. call for more information or to book in.

More information on her prices is on the website.


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